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Showcase Group provides support to at-risk youth and their families by implementing psychosocial services, such as case management and therapy by trained professionals. Our social and emotional training programs also support this population in making better choices as a result of gaining a higher level of diverse, culturally relevant social emotional intelligence (SEL) methods for young adult healthy living.

Paired with advocacy, each participant experiences programming that is tailored to their unique needs, is culturally relevant, easily accessible, and addresses various elements related to mental health, residential living/care, education, and employment pathways – ultimately leading to a healthier lifestyle and reduction of recidivism for incarcerated youth.

Approximately 86,900 youth under the age of 21 are detained or confined in public and private detention centers, group homes, camps, ranches, and other correctional institutions. African- American youth have the highest rates of involvement compared to other racial groups. They make up 16 percent of all youth in the general population, but 30 percent of juvenile courtreferrals, 38 percent of youth in residential placement, and 58 percent of youth admitted to state adult prison.

A high percentage of youth (65 to 70 percent) involved with the juvenile justice system have a diagnosable mental health disorder and nearly 30 percent of those experience severe mental health disorders. A significant number of youth in the juvenile justice system have a history of trauma, emotional, and behavioral problems. The average cost per youth is $240.99 per day based on the state-funded, post-adjudication residential facilities in which 70 percent of adjudicated youth reside.

Showcase Group designs culturally relevant programs that focus on the wellbeing of at-risk youth and their families through social and emotional intelligence workshops. According to Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist who helped to popularize emotional intelligence, our view of human intelligence is far too narrow, and our emotions play a major role in thought, decision making and individual success. Self-awareness, impulse control, persistence, motivation, empathy, and social deftness are all qualities that mark people who excel: whose relationships flourish, who are stars in the workplace. With new insights into the brain architecture underlying emotion and rationality, Showcase Group shows precisely how emotional intelligence can be nurtured and strengthened in all of us.

During 2020-2022 Showcase Group will focus on expanding the work done in youth detention centers to the communities in which justice-involved youth and families reside and reduce recidivism for incarcerated youth. We will continue to assist these youth and families with applying the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions effectively while providing community resources in mental health, education, employment and residential assistance to sustain the youth and family unit during life challenges.


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Currently over 2,000 young people aged 12-22 are detained in youth detention centers throughout the state of Georgia. The majority of these youth are from lower socioeconomic communities in Georgia, and struggle with having their physical and mental health needs addressed.