Wishing for a better tomorrow is often at the forefront of most of our minds in these trying times. You do not have to turn on the news to understand and know that many are facing unprecedented and uncertain situations personally and within their families. Fortunately, like you and so many others, there are people and organizations with visions for a brighter future. The team, participants, and volunteers at Showcase Group have already been active within your communities to help make an impact in the lives of youth and families that are navigating new roads and life paths to emerge from and avoid tough situations like incarceration and juvenile detention.

Showcase Group is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, GA that works primarily with at risk youth to provide them and their families with unique and personalized tools to have important conversations that bring them together, instead of tearing them apart. 

Thanks to our many volunteers and donors, Showcase Group continues to grow and we are excited to bring more information to our followers and those that may be seeking support through our website, blog, and social media. Regular updates will include new ways for volunteers to get involved, advice for families dealing with at risk youth, and resources for youth directly that may be wanting to correct their path without support from a family member or friend. 

Showcase Group has been able to expand upon new and existing programs that help to counsel at risk youth and families. As a mental health professional with degrees from Morehouse College and Argosy University, I firmly believe in walking the walk and working directly with at risk youth to help them change their tomorrow. As a foster parent, I have seen directly how much of an impact we are able to make on the lives of others. Many foster parents are literally saving lives and futures of children and at-risk youth that otherwise would be lost in the system and struggle to trust there are genuine people that want to help them and see them succeed. 

As we continue to spread our mission with you, we will continue to educate you also on where our justice system is effective, and where it only sets people back further upon their release than when they entered the system. We at Showcase Group have a strong passion for shedding light on ways to improve our justice system to further help at risk youth on an even larger scale. With your help in 2020, we will be able to meet our goals and impact lives, especially at a time when so many are facing scarcity and desperation.

Since 2020 has shown to be a year that will be historic in impacting our society, we are bracing for the road ahead of us. COVID has not slowed us down, it has only lit the fire within us to burn even brighter to continue with our advocacy missions of helping at risk youth. Although we do not know what the near future will look like, we know that within our country today we cannot stop the continued efforts to educate and advocate for those who have experienced the tremendous lows that COVID has brought into this world. Many of our at-risk youth are coming from low income households and neighborhoods that do not have the resources and access to education that we are currently seeing fantasized on TV during COVID. Many of our at risk youth are supportive members of their families and may be currently displaced from their part time or full time work, as well as being outside of a structured education setting with likely little privacy and mental stimulation; we know that NOW is the time to be acting greater than ever before to reach out to these at risk youth and empower them to make the best choices. We want to see our youth rise up from this devastating pandemic and put their best foot forward to continue growing and changing their paths for the better. 

Please visit our website regularly for new ways to get involved and follow along on our social media pages linked in our website to never miss an update. 

On June 20 at 11:00 am EST we will be holding our next Youth Advocacy Information Seminar to prospective volunteers on ways to get involved. As we mentioned before, there is no greater time than now to be involved with helping shape the future of our youth that is facing one of the most difficult times our nation has ever seen. Register today on our EventBrite link here to attend this informational meeting.


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Currently over 2,000 young people aged 12-22 are detained in youth detention centers throughout the state of Georgia. The majority of these youth are from lower socioeconomic communities in Georgia, and struggle with having their physical and mental health needs addressed.